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Cups 2008

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The Association runs four team cup competitions during the summer.  The Chapman Cup is open to all and is run on a knock-out basis, with a handicap element.

The Birstall Cup is the plate competition to the Chapman Cup.  It is open to first round losers from the Chapman Cup and is run on the same handicap basis.

The Harrod Cup is a 5-round team rapidplay swiss event, open to teams whose players have an average grade less than 100.

The Wylie Cup is also a 5-round team rapidplay swiss event (or as the case may be, a round-robin event), open to teams whose players have an average grade less than 138¾.

The most up-to-date ECF grades will be used for these competitions.  Ungraded players must be allocated a provisional grade by league secretary Jim Miller before playing.  So far, the following grades have been assigned:

Name Club Standard Grade Rapid Grade
Tom Dove Ashby 90 105
Roy Evans Ashby 90 110
Daniel Hickson-Tagg Ashby 50
Aaron Engels Littlethorpe 50 50
Colin Ross Littlethorpe 70 70
George Sim Littlethorpe 100 100
Mick Slater Littlethorpe 75 75
Herve Tribouilloy Littlethorpe 50 50
Gregory Adcock Loughborough 113 113
Kuhan Chellappah Loughborough 50 50
Michael Fraser Loughborough 50 85
Joseph Morrison Loughborough 50 50
Gary Taylor Loughborough 50 50
Shaun Cope Melton 111 111
John Denton Melton 173 173
Robin Moss Melton 181 181
Paul Deacon Spinney Hill 139 130
Darrel Robinson Spinney Hill 100 110
Ed Galyov Wigston 125
Peter Turland Wigston 110 110